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Townsville Community Action Plan

The Townsville Community Action Plan (CAP) for Rivers and Reef details the issues, ideas, and projects that the people of Townsville want to see prioritised for the health of their waterways. Projects launched under the CAP receive kickstart funding and turn community vision into action across our town. Learn more

Champions of the Bohle

If you live in Townsville, there’s a good chance the Bohle is your basin. Everyone between Kelso and Bushland Beach is a living part of the Bohle basin, and Champions of the Bohle are the groups and organisations with their sleeves rolled up to improve its health. If you live or work within the Bohle basin, you have a role to play in seeing it thrive. It’s easy to #backthebohle! Learn more

Urban Water Stewardship Framework

In partnership with the Queensland Department of Environment and Science, we help facilitate the assessment of Townsville City Council against an independent Urban Water Stewardship Framework. The tool grades local councils for their achievements in the management of urban water on development and established urban landscapes. In 2023 Townsville City Council received a ‘B: Achieving Best Practice’ score for its urban water management practices. Learn more

Stories of Stewardship

We’re always sharing case studies of care for our rivers, creeks, and coastal waters. Meet some of the crews and innovators stepping up to steward our local waterways:

Envite Environment trainee team | Magnetic Island mangrove monitoringThe volunteers turning litter into dataWorld-leading sustainable aquacultureWater steward skills: maps and apps  | Hunting for joined-up fish dataTownsville ecosystems’ advocacy voice | 17 years of seagrass monitoring