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Members of the Dry Tropics Partnership for Healthy Waters are organisations and community representatives with an interest in improving and maintaining the health of our waterways and marine environments across our region.

Together we intend to make a more strategic, collective impact on our waterways; reduce duplication of effort; and provide opportunities for collaboration and co-funding of projects.

Organisations of every kind are welcome to apply to join

Membership contributions are tiered according to the type and size of the member organisation and are payable on an annual basis. Tiers ensure that a diversity of local voices and views make up our Partnership.

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Benefits of joining the Partnership

  • Build relationships and connections with other Partners to share information and leverage common efforts.
  • See environmental data collated, quality-assessed, and translated into our reader-friendly annual Report Card.
  • Be recognised as a proactive leader in the Townsville region, committed to protecting our waterways and Reef health.
  • Engage with the community through Partnership reports, events, and messaging.
  • Assist in guiding management priorities, developing an integrated water quality monitoring program, and driving positive environmental changes in our region.
  • Build the social and environmental licence credentials of your organisation.

What it takes to be a Partner

Each Partner nominates a representative to attend and contribute to Partnership meetings and forums, and to manage the connections, relationships and opportunities that are generated through the Partnership.

Contributions of environmental data to the annual Report Card are encouraged but are not a requirement for membership.

Interested? Start a conversation with our Executive Officer here or complete the Expression of Interest form below.

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Value Proposition