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Read the 2023 Townsville Dry Tropics Waterways Report Card.  

Each year, the Dry Tropics Partnership for Healthy Waters gathers and evaluates environmental data sourced from the most reliable and comprehensive sources in our region to present an overview of the most recent condition of local waterway environments. 

Areas covered by the report include Ross River, the Ross and Black Catchments, the Bohle River, Halifax and Cleveland Bays, and Magnetic Island.

Key insights from the 2023 Waterways Report Card are available below:

“Whether walking the Ross, fishing at Pallarenda, dog-strolling the Strand, or swimming in Crystal or Alligator creeks — Townsville’s heart is half-made of water,” says our Executive Officer, Kara-Mae Coulter-Atkins.

“Healthy waters are essential for our town to thrive. The Waterways Report Card shows where our creeks and catchments are in balance, and the waterways that require our attention. It’s an invaluable tool for anyone with a stake in the future of our region’s waters.”

The 2023 Report Card is based on monitoring data from the previous year, collected from July 2021 to June 2022.

Want a deeper dive into our data?

See the Technical Report behind the Waterways Report Card.