OzFish Unlimited — Creekwatch

OzFish Unlimited is monitoring the health of waterways in the Bohle catchment as part of its partnership with Townsville City Council and the Creekwatch program.

Creekwatch is a community citizen-science program that offers volunteers opportunities to connect to nature, contribute to waterways improvement, and help steward a better future for local waters.

The program was established by Townsville City Council in 2001 and is now coordinated by OzFish Unlimited. The Louisa Creek volunteer group is its longest running.

Creekwatch focuses on multiple locations within the Bohle catchment — Louisa Creek, the Townsville Town Common Wetlands, the Bohle River, and Tchooratippa Creek. Volunteers assist with monitoring for macroinvertebrates (little critters), fish, water quality, and waterway condition.

“Results vary across the Bohle catchment, but overall waterway condition is poor and fish species richness is lower than for other areas around Townsville,” says Dr Geoff Collins, Senior Project Manager for OzFish North Queensland.

“Together with our team of volunteers, we are continuing to monitor the health of waterways in the Bohle, and to look at solutions to improve waterway health. Our work is highlighting areas that are in need of restoration work, and the importance of healthy habitats to aquatic ecosystems.”

Creekwatch meets every Wednesday to monitor waterways around Townsville and new volunteers are always welcome.


In conjunction with Creekwatch, OzFish Unlimited and Townsville City Council also offer ‘Adopt-a-Creek’ — a program for schools to foster curiosity and learning about sustainable use and management of their local waterways.

Schools and community groups interested in joining the program can contact OzFish for further information on the program at creekwatch@ozfish.org.au or creektocoral@townsville.qld.gov.au

“It’s critical that we encourage the next generation to care for the health of our local waterways,” Dr Collins says.

Get involved: https://ozfish.org.au/projects/creekwatch-townsville/