Townsville's Dry Tropics Catchments

Our Reporting Region


 Our initial focus for reporting are the freshwater and estuarine environments in Townsville's Black and Ross freshwater basins, which extend from Crystal Creek in the north to Cape Cleveland in the south. Our reporting area also includes inshore and offshore marine zones. 

Ross River Basin


The Ross basin has the longest history of human settlement of all Townsville's basins.  Ross dam and artificial weirs contribute to a perennial source of water in the Ross River making it the focus of much enjoyment for the community, as well as providing resilience for water security, and flood mitigation.  These waterways flow to an important fish habitat area in Cleveland Bay.

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Bohle River Basin

Fishing on the beach at Saunders Beach

The Bohle catchment covers approximately 370 square kilometres. The main waterway is the Bohle River.  All Bohle catchment waterways flow to the Great Barrier Reef via Halifax Bay or Cleveland Bay.  The catchment is characterised by very poor soils and ephemeral creeks.  It is the fastest developing basin in the Townsville region. 

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Magnetic Island Basin

Magnetic Island Catchment Story coming soon!

Magnetic Island situated 8kms from the Townsville breakwater is part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.  It is an internationally acclaimed tourist destination and favoured holiday location for Townsville locals.  The majority of waterways in this basin are declared high ecological value waterways.

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Black River Basin


The Black catchment includes large areas of farming, conservation and natural environments, including part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.   This basin also contains several wetlands of high ecological significance.

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